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Camso UTV 4S1

Tough and ready for the long haul

This new track system reaches the next level of performance in any conditions. You simply won’t find another track kit offering this level of ride quality, performance, durability in any applications including deep snow, swamps, marshes, mud and muskeg.


Track Design


Sprockets and Wheels

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System Rubber Track
Weight Height Length Width Mounting Hardware Width Length Width Length Lug Height
Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear Weight Front Rear Front Rear
lbs lbs in in in in in lbs in in in in in in

Technical specifications

System UTV 4S1
Offset (length) 1 Front: 26.5 in. (673 mm) Rear:35 in. (889 mm)
Offset (width) 2 7.25 in. (184 mm)
Weight Front: 103 lb (47 kg) Rear: 120 lb (54 kg)
Height Front: 25 in. (637 mm) Rear: 24.7 in. (626 mm)
Length Front: 42.5 in. (1081 mm) Rear: 52 in. (1321 mm)
Width Front: 12.5 in. (318 mm) Rear: 14 in. (356 mm)
Mounting hardware weigth Approx. 6.25 lb (2.75 kg)
Width Front: 12.5 in. (318 mm) Rear: 14 in. (356 mm)
Length Front: 98.5 in. (2507 mm) Rear: 116.7 in. (2964 mm)
Lug height Front: 1.125 in. (29 mm) Rear: 1.125 in. (29 mm)
Ground surface 2520 sq. in. (1.62 m²)
Ground clearance (average) Increased by 5 in. (127 mm)
Maintained speed (average)
Drive type Internal drive
Sprocket 15 to 18 teeth
Rubber track Front: Flex Rear: Flat
Frame Carbon steel
Idler & mid-roller Wheels/Tire 132 mm double-bearing mid-roller wheels (width: 50 mm) 241 mm double-bearing flat free tires. Bladder-type wheel cap and face seal.
Guide Molded UHMW
Hub and bearing Oiled 3-bearing with forged steel multi-bolt. (4-5) pattern hub.
Tandem & suspension Rubber mount steel tandem. Rubber mount aluminium shaft axle. Maintenance free.
Anti-rotation Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single rate spring and progressive damper. Quick connect steering limiter design.
Installation time < 2 hr
Subsequent < 1 hr

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