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No matter what type of forklift tires you're using, our Solideal on-site services keep your operations rolling and this, worldwide. With our extensive network of dedicated technicians and specialized equipment, our service is based on the added value.

Together with our numerous partners worldwide, we offer customized services to meet the maintenance requirements of your fleets, ensuring safe operations and maximized uptime.
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Professional on-site service

Our order-based professional on-site service is designed to keep you rolling: fit or press services, fleet analysis and tire recommendation. Moreover, our team will suggest tires to fit your fleets’ requirements, at the lowest operating cost.
Flat proofing and life extension


Our professional polyurethane tire-filling with advanced technology is great for customers working in harsh applications. Our technicians can also assist you maximize tire life and improve performance with regrooving service and puncture repairs.
Assembly delivery system available

Contactless service

One less thing to worry about with our contactless service: simply make your order via email or phone call. Tell us when you would like our mobile service to arrive, ensure your forklift is ready at the appointment time, and we'll take care of the complete tire service.No further on-site support is required, thanks to our digital order processing and contactless, efficient service. Furthermore, our wide range of full assemblies (tire + wheel) are available and ready to be delivered to your location.
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Solid press-on tires, solid resilient tires and pneumatic bias tires


When it comes to tires, we’re all about delivering the right solution for the unique mobility challenges of your application. Be it pneumatic or solid tires, we have the range to meet the realities of today’s evolving material handling applications.

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We accelerate your activities for more efficiency: as off-the-road mobility specialists, we developed our expertise in the field, with our clients and partners, understanding and foreseeing the challenges of today’s evolving warehousing, logistics and industries , port operations and airport ground support handling operations.
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