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The Track system model number and serial number is located on the plates attached to undercarriage, as shown below.

The Track part number (P/N) and serial number (S/N) can be found on both edges of the track, as shown below.

Part Number * Serial Number OE P/N


MMYY 12345


Made in...


For the following section, please enter both the Track system serial numbers and the track serial numbers below.

Fill out the primary undercarriage system section for the following configurations:

  • All non powered / TTS systems
  • Front axle mounted CTS combine track systems
  • Rear mounted CTS tractor track systems (half track)

Also fill out the secondary undercarriage system section, if you also installed:

  • Combine CTS track system mounted on the rear axle
  • Tractor CTS track system mounted on the front axle

Primary Undercarriage System (Combine Front, TTS, Tractor Rear)

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Secondary Undercarriage System (Combine Rear, Tractor Front)(if applicable)

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