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Transfer Assistant

Switch vehicle. Keep your tracks.

Did you know that our Camso track systems are transferable onto another vehicle! You only need a transfer kit to make the swap between vehicles. Use our Transfer Assistant tool to find your transfer kit and the price.

Purpose-built transfer kit

The transfer kit includes all the parts that are different to adapt your track system from one vehicle to another. It’s the solution to keep your tracks while updating your vehicle.

Tools and equipment

Changing your tracks to another vehicle is easy. To facilitate the mechanics, here are the basic tools and equipment to have at your fingertips:
Floor Jack
Torque Wrench
Wrench Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my track system to another vehicle?

Yes! Our track systems are transferable onto the majority of off-road vehicles. Use the Transfer Assistant tool to check if your vehicle is eligible for a transfer.

Where can I buy a transfer kit?

Order the transfer kit you need at your nearest Camso dealer.

Can I fit my ATV track system on my side-by-side?

The Camso X4S is the only track system model that fits on both all-terrain and specific side-by-side vehicles with engine powers of 400cc to 700cc.

How much time does it take to transfer my Track system?

Installation time may vary depending on the vehicle's make and model. With the appropriate tools and 2 people, it could take about 3 hours. We recommend asking your Camso dealer to install your track system.

Where can I find my track system's serial number?

The track system serial number is located on the bottom rail between the wheels.

Do you have instructions for uninstallation?

We recommend removing the plates first then the wheel nuts and finally the rest of the assembly. Put everything together to avoid losing parts. Pro tip: Always make sure to remove the plates and components before reinstalling the tires. For more help, consult the Installation Guidelines instructions or your Camso dealer.