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ATV / UTV - Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the best of our product experts knowledge to make sure we answer all of your questions.


Will I lose speed with track systems?

You will experience an average speed loss of about 30%, but some units can experience up to 50%.

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How easy is it to steer with track systems?

Steering is as easy as it is with tires. However, it can require more effort to make turns when driving slowly or through tough conditions such as heavy, wet and thick snow or mud.

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Do track systems increase gas consumption?

The odometer will travel faster than the actual mileage and the fuel consumption will be greater. When you go out on the trail, be sure to bring a can of gasoline to avoid any unexpected surprises.

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Product specifications

What is the load capacity of track systems?

Our track systems are made to support the weight of the vehicle and the load capacity of the vehicle on which it is installed, as recommended by the manufacturer. Please refer to your vehicle's owner manual for more details.

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What trailer size is required to fit a vehicle with track systems?

To find out what size trailer you need, first check the measurements of your track system and add them to the measurements of your vehicle. Here’s a helpful article to guide you.

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How long do track systems last?

Track systems are designed to offer long-lasting durable performance. Track life, just like tire life, depends on a number of factors, including vehicle weight, speed, and the kind of surfaces you travel on.

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Can I use my track systems year-round?

Our track systems are 4-season but using them in the summer may cause more wear and tear since conditions are more abrasive with mud and sand. Proper maintenance is required for this type of use.

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Can I ride my track systems on trails?

Our track systems adapt to all types of terrain. However, be sure to check with your local association to see if there are any local laws or restrictions.

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Can I ride my vehicle with track systems in 2-wheel drive?

You must use 4x4 mode at all times with your track systems, regardless of the conditions.

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Should I ride my track systems in low or high gear?

Track systems are designed to ride in high gear at any time. With that being said, when the going gets tough, you’ll want to kick it in low gear.

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