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5 simple steps to get more rides from your track systems

Remove each track system

keeping the components grouped together and clearly labeled.

  • Camso pro tip: Remove plates followed by the wheel nuts and rest of the system.

Clean the track systems

with a biodegradable degreaser and jet of water.

  • Camso pro tip: Pressure washers can damage rolling components, use with care.

Inspect parts

for damage, wear or cracks.

  • Camso pro tip: Make a list of worn-out components to order during off-season.

Lubricate rolling parts

after cleaning off old lubricant.

  • Camso pro tip: Pour 5cc's of oil under wheel caps and between bearings to extend wheel life.

Store horizontally

allowing gravity to disperse the lubricant.

  • Camso pro tip: Store your track systems in a dry place, shaded from intense sunlight.