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MEX HXD vs. MEX SD: Two Rubber Track Options for Your Mini Excavator Needs

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Mini excavators are essential machines in various industries, from construction sites to excavation projects and road maintenance. However, to ensure these machines operate optimally, it's crucial to make sure they're equipped with top-quality accessories, including high-quality rubber tracks. This is where MEX HXD and MEX SD come into play. Specifically designed for mini excavators, these groundbreaking tracks offer outstanding performance in abrasive and extreme conditions while providing excellent resistance to damage and failures. Additionally, they optimize your equipment's uptime, reducing downtime.

Tailored Design for Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are compact and powerful machines, but they are often used in demanding environments, such as congested construction sites or areas with challenging soil conditions. That's why it's essential to have rubber tracks specially designed to meet these unique needs. They are specifically designed to fit mini excavators perfectly, offering exceptional grip and precise maneuverability in tight spaces. Thanks to their custom design, they ensure that your mini excavator operates optimally, no matter the challenge you face in the field.

Rubber tracks play a crucial role in the proper functioning of many construction and heavy machinery, from agriculture to construction. Among the options available, Camso's MEX HXD and MEX SD products stand out for their unique features and durability. In this article, we will explore the similarities between these two products, as well as their differences, without favoring one over the other. The goal is to highlight the advantages of each track to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Similarities between MEX HXD and MEX SD

One common feature of both MEX HXD and MEX SD is the presence of an integrated metal bar. This feature is crucial in preventing shedding, which often leads to unexpected downtime on construction sites. Shedding also triggers the degradation process, which affects the track's lifespan.

Self-cleaning tread design

Off-road adventures demand more than just raw power; they require the right tools for the terrain. One critical factor often overlooked is the tire's tread design. A well-engineered tread isn't just about looks—it's a game-changer. Picture this: self-cleaning tread designs. They're not just a marketing buzz; they're your ticket to conquering muddy trails with ease. These innovative tread patterns work tirelessly to keep mud and debris from bogging you down, ensuring maximum traction when you need it most. It's not just a tire; it's your partner in navigating the toughest landscapes. Ready to take on the mud without losing your grip? It all starts with a smart tread design.

High-Strength Steel Cables

Both products are equipped with high-strength steel cables, covered with rubber and protected by an ultra-sturdy carcass. This design offers dual protection, preventing carcass punctures and cable corrosion, extending the track's lifespan.

Curbshield Technology

Curbshield technology is a significant asset for both tracks. It protects against cuts on the edges of the lugs, preventing damage to the cables and preserving the adhesion between the metal bars and rubber. This feature reduces the risk of premature wear.
Extreme resistance to severe conditions
A purpose-built solution for mini-excavators in harsh or extreme heavy-duty applications. Engineered to protect against irreversible damages and maximize your uptime.
Predictable service life and performance
The best mini-excavator solution for heavy-duty applications. Designed to provide superior life as well as resistance against irreversible damages for a long and predictable service life.

MEX HXD: A Premium Option

Premium Rubber Composition
MEX HXD stands out for its premium rubber composition. Additionally, it features a very thick carcass, which enhances damage resistance. This design also promotes even wear of the tread, ensuring a longer track life.

Thicker Tread

Camso tracks, including MEX HXD, are designed with a much thicker tread than most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment tracks. This feature allows for maintaining a greater amount of rubber around the carcass, providing increased protection against punctures and edge cuts (curb scrapes). The result is an extended lifespan and reduced downtime. Wear tests have shown that Mex HXD offers a 30% longer lifespan compared to the competition.

Vibration Reduction

Vibration tests have shown that the vibration level was 36% lower with Camso tracks, including MEX HXD, compared to an OEM-quality track, regardless of speed and direction. This feature is essential for improving operator comfort and reducing fatigue.

MEX SD: Durability and Performance

Extended Lifespan
In a 150-hour tread wear test, it's clear that the tread compound of the competitor's track wears out faster than that used by Camso, including MEX SD. Preserving a greater amount of rubber around the carcass offers increased protection, resulting in an extended lifespan. MEX SD offers a 21% longer lifespan compared to competitors.

Vibration Reduction

The vibration level test showed that throughout the test, the vibration level was 59% lower with Camso tracks, including MEX SD, compared to an OEM-quality track. This feature contributes to smoother operation and reduced impact on both the machine and the operator.
Camso's MEX HXD and MEX SD products share common features, including anti-shedding resistance, high-strength steel cables, and Curbshield technology. However, they stand out with their unique compositions and advantages.

MEX HXD, with its premium rubber, thick carcass, and generous tread, offers a longer lifespan, excellent failure resistance, and superior traction. It is ideal for demanding applications where durability is essential.

On the other hand, MEX SD shines with its extended lifespan and significant vibration reduction, making it an excellent choice for operations that require smooth operation and equipment protection.

The choice between MEX HXD and MEX SD will depend on your specific needs and priorities. Both tracks are high-quality products that can enhance the performance of your equipment.
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