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The Impact of Agrishow 2024: Showcasing Camso’s Innovations in Agricultural Technology

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Agrishow, Brazil’s significant agricultural technology trade show, continues to solidify its reputation as a global leader in the industry. This year’s event was no exception, drawing an impressive 195,000 visitors and generating a staggering R$13.6 billion in business intentions. These figures prove Agrishow’s significance and influence in the agricultural sector.

A Platform for Innovation and Engagement

At Agrishow 2024, we proudly showcased the Camso CTS (Conversion Track System) product line. Our booth featured both the CTS Standard and CTS High-Speed models, designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in various agricultural applications. These products represent our dedication to innovation and excellence in agricultural technology.

Our expert team was on hand to engage with attendees, offering in-depth discussions of our CTS products. The feedback and interest we received were overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the value and impact of our solutions in the agricultural community.

Highlights of Our CTS Product Line

CTS Standard: Built for strength, reliability, and durability. Its larger footprint delivers a reduction in ground pressure of over 65% and increases mobility on soft ground conditions. Engineered for superior performance in the field, it guarantees farmers can depend on it season after season.

CTS High-Speed:
The industry’s first 100% bolt-on track system for combines with an integrated final drive system, achieving similar roading speeds to wheeled combines. It provides the same benefits of reduced soil compaction and increased yield, with the added advantage of higher operating speeds. This makes it ideal for large-scale farming operations that demand efficient and swift movement across fields.

Why Choose Camso CTS?

Our CTS products are designed with the farmer in mind. Our CTS solutions offer improved stability, reduced ground pressure, and enhanced overall performance. This not only increases productivity but also contributes to sustainable farming practices by minimizing soil disturbance.
Camso Agrishow 2024

Looking Ahead

The success of Agrishow 2024 highlights the growing demand for innovative agricultural solutions. As we continue to develop and refine our products, we remain committed to supporting farmers with the tools they need to thrive. The positive reception of our CTS products at Agrishow is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.
For those who were unable to attend Agrishow or want to learn more about our CTS products, we invite you to explore our offerings on our website. Discover how Camso CTS can transform your agricultural operations and help you achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Visit Camso Agricultural Products and stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Camso as we continue to lead the way in agricultural technology.
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