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Camso ATV T4S

All work, all play, all seasons

Built to master your land's playgrounds, this track system maximizes all-terrain vehicles (300 CC to 1000 CC) performance. Plowing the ally and riding through the tighest spots in the woods never been more easy.


Track design

PS_ATV-R4S_Avant_Vue-arriere_0539_Flex Track_Feat Blue

Camso’s Exclusive Flex-Track Design

  • Front-mounted tracks with flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside
  • Stable handling
  • More comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks
  • Precise steering for pleasant long-distance riding and long working hours



Solid Steel Frame

  • Open light-weight design
  • Improved durability and performance
  • Easily sheds snow, mud, and debris
PS_ATV-T4S_Avant_Front-3_REV_Tandem Stabilizer_Feature Blue_V4_RES

Tandem Stabilizer

  • Bolt-on tandem mid-roller wheel 
  • Provides a smoother ride by absorbing shocks

Sprockets and Wheels

PS_ATV-T4S_Avant_Front-3_REV_Bearing Housing_Feature Blue_V4_RES

Bearing Housing

  • Outer seals and stainless steel sleeves 
  • Improved bearing durability 
  • Greater reliability
PS_ATV-T4S_Avant_Front-3_REV_Idler Nmidroller_Feature Blue_V4_RES

Idler And Mid-Roller Wheels

  • Sealed wheel and bearing with elastomeric outer band
  • Provides a longer life in rough conditions
  • 100% ice-free
PS_ATV-T4S_Avant_Front-3_REV_Cap_Feature Blue_V4_RES


  • Fitted wheel cap with bladder effect 
  • Eliminates water absorption due to temperature variations

Specifications for all product size(s)

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System Rubber Track
Weight Height Length Width Mounting Hardware Width Length Width Length Lug Height
Overall Front Rear Front Rear Weight Front Rear Front Rear
lbs in in in in in lbs in in in in in in

Technical specifications

System Camso ATV T4S
Offset (length) 1 Front: 24 in. (609 mm) Rear: 27 in. (685 mm)
Offset (width) 2 6 in. (153 mm)
Weight 71 lb (30 kg)
Height Front: 23.8 in. (604 mm) Rear: 23.2 in. (590 mm)
Length Front: 40 in. (1016 mm) Rear: 42.5 in. (1081 mm)
Width Front: 11.5 in. (292 mm) Rear: 12.5 in. (318 mm)
Mounting hardware weigth Approx. 6.25 lb (2.75 kg)
Width Front: 11.5 in. (292 mm) Rear: 12.5 in. (318 mm)
Length Front: 93.4 in. (2372 mm) Rear: 98.5 in. (2507 mm)
Lug height Front: 1.25 in. (32 mm) Rear: 1.25 in.(32 mm)
Ground surface 2000 sq. in. (1.30 m²)
Ground clearance (average) Increased by 3 in. (76 mm)
Maintained speed (average)
Drive type Internal drive
Sprocket 15 to 18 teeth
Rubber track Front: Flex Rear: Flat
Frame Carbon steel
Idler & mid-roller Wheels/Tire 134 & 202 mm encapsulated and sealed wheel including elastomer outer band. Bladder-type wheel cap.
Guide Molded UHMW
Hub and bearing Cast steel multi-bolt (4) pattern hub.
Tandem & suspension Mono front tandem on pivot point with bolted wheels.
Anti-rotation Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single rate spring and progressive damper. Quick connect steering limiter design.
Installation time < 2 hr
Subsequent < 1 hr

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