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Tough Construction and Material Handling tire solutions for a recycling plant with extreme applications

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Helping our clients face the everyday challenges their applications bring their way is not only our mission, it’s a commitment that is rooted deep in our culture. If something isn’t working the way it should or if a tire is failing prematurely, we’ve got to get there in the field to investigate the situation and find a solution. That’s exactly what happened with our client Invema, a recycling plant located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Let’s dig into their story!

Collaboration between end-customer, distributor and Camso

Invema has 24/7 operations in its recycling plant: needless to say that any machine that is grounded comes at a hefty cost. Their fleet includes skid steer loaders, wheel excavators, a wheel loader and forklift trucks, all of which work around the clock in extreme-duty applications. In collaboration with their local distributor, CEMCOL CAT, they have a rigorous maintenance routine to ensure machinery uptime.

After experiencing some downtime issues with tires given the harsh work conditions, Invema decided to ask for CEMCOL CAT’s help to find tire solutions that offer better life, ease their maintenance process and ensure maximal uptime for their equipment. Their requirements were so specific that CEMCOL CAT decided to reach out to Camso sales and engineers to find the right solutions. They recommended a selection of solid tires, which would enable the recycling plant to minimize downtime thanks to quick installation, easy maintenance and reliable performance. Since 2014, Invema has been running 100% Camso tires.

“We do very few tire changes now. When we need service, I can call CEMCOL CAT and tell them: ‘I’m planning on doing a tire change on this day’ and they come and service our equipment in no time. It’s that simple. Before, we frequently had to do emergency tire changes on the spot because of damaged tires. This alone has tremendously improved our performance, as we don’t have any surprises anymore,” says Fausto Carrasco, Maintenance Manager at Invema.

Tire solutions per machinery at Invema

Skid steer loaders

Wheel excavators

Wheel loaders


Camso SKS 793S

Camso WEX 583S

Camso LM L3

Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Series

Slow wear

Improved comfort

Flat-free operations



Slow wear

Improved comfort

Improved comfort

Slow wear

Continuous training and improvements to maximize fleet uptime

To this day, CEMCOL CAT, Invema and Camso still collaborate together to improve tire performance even further. For instance, the RES 660 Xtreme Series tires they are using are currently being changed every 6 to 9 months, as they have reached 50% of wear. Camso experts are training the client and the distributor’s technicians on tire wear: Invema could use these tires an additional 3 months if they referred to the safety line instead of planning tire changes on a predefined schedule.

“When I think of Camso tires, the first thing that comes to mind is quality, quality, quality. We are completely satisfied with Camso products and wouldn’t change it for another. I would recommend them to other companies – 100%,” adds Carrasco.

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