1. Upon noticing a track defect, the end user is to contact the dealer where he purchased the track.
  2. The dealer contacts its distributor’s customer service department to advise of the defect.
  3. The distributor’s customer service department sends the dealer a warranty claim form to complete.
  4. The dealer and end user complete in full and return the form, including a description of the warranty issue, along with good digitalpictures of the track to the distributor’s customer service department.
  5. The distributor’s customer service department forwards the completed form and pictures to Camso Inc. (”Camso”).
  6. Camso reviews the claim form and pictures and makes a warranty determination
    (Yes, inspection required / No, not deemed a warranty claim).
  7. If the track is deemed a possible warranty claim, Camso contacts the distributor’s customer service department with an RMA# for the track to be returned for inspection.
  8. The dealer returns the track directly to Camso (see beside for addresses; Canadian dealers please ship to Canadian address, American to USA address). Please note that track returns without the RMA# marked on the box or label may be refused by Camso Camso does not cover shipment for track returns or issue call tags.
  9. After inspecting the track to confirm that the issue is a defect covered under warranty, Camso issues a credit to the distributor for the amount of the track. The distributor is in turn to credit the dealer appropriately to pass on to the end user.

    If the track is not warrantable, Camso notifies the distributor to contact the dealer to determine how the end user wishes to proceed with the track. If no response is received within 10 days, the track is automatically shipped back to the Distributor FOC.


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Please note:

  1. Only tracks purchased from an authorized dealer qualify for warranty.
  2. Warranty consideration is given only for tracks purchased within the 2-year warranty period. A sales receipt is required for tracks older than 2 years but where purchase date was within last 2 years.
  3. Distributors may not issue credit prior to receiving final determination from Camso.
  4. Dealers may not replace tracks or other items under warranty prior to receiving final determination from Camso.