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Conquer 280

Camso Conquer 280

Above and beyond the deep stuff

Made to advance the mountain journey. The Conquer 280 offers a lighter mountain design track providing the ultimate in flotation, traction and performance. Its next generation lug geometry reaches new levels of balance in deep snow.

Deep Snow
Packed Snow

Track Design

Specifications for all product size(s)

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Model Length Width Lug Weight Pitch Clip Config.
in in in lbs in
9334M174152.8493Every 2nd / open windows
9335M162152.8463Every 2nd / open windows
9336M156152.8443Every 2nd / open windows
9337M153152.8433Every 2nd / open windows
9340M165152.8453.5Every 2nd / open windows
9341M154152.8423.5Every 2nd / open windows

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