Snowmobile | Best practices | 24.08.15

Why change my snowmobile track?

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Almost any rider can improve the performance and safety of their snowmobile by changing to a new track.

It's very simple. Changing tracks allows a rider to select a track that best matches the way they ride and the places they ride. It's the easiest, most sensible and often the most profitable modification possible.

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A carefully selected new track can provide improved traction for better acceleration, braking and handling. It can improve flotation and traction for better performance in deep snow. It can reduce weight and drag to improve top speed and improve gas mileage. And besides being less expensive than most other modifications, it can add performance without voiding the manufacturer warranty on a new machine.

Plus, no matter how much horsepower your engine makes or how efficient your clutches are, if the power is not getting to the ground effectively, much of that horsepower is just being wasted. Your track is your machine's interface with the snow, so you need a track that puts the power on the snow, not one that throws the white stuff out under your snow flap.

Almost any sled can benefit one way or another from a carefully selected new track. You can browse our product selector to find the right track to fit your machine and your needs, or contact your Camso dealer to discuss the advantages of a new track.

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