DTS 129

Camso DTS 129

All-around performance

The 2020 dirt-to-snow conversion system provides a deep snow performance and a better handling - The best of both worlds - Ride year-round in all types of terrains with the unique single-rail suspension technology and the high-performance track.

Bike integration
On-trail handling
Deep snow


Designed to integrate your bike's original balance and dynamics, the combination of the cutting-edge track design and the single rail suspension makes the DTS 129 an outstanding performer in deep snow and exceptional handling for hard pack trail riding.


Camso have re-defined the suspension geometry to provide a smoother and responsive ride, especially when you make the leap from trail to deep snow.

Ski design

The unique front ski design gives you stable and predictable handling. Enjoy smooth side-to-side transitions with the angle side keel featuring a replaceable blade. Save your front forks from high-impact with Camso’s polymer ski mount.

New brake system

Our pre-bled brake system is now 33% more powerful, and it comes from the factory with a 11 mm master cylinder calibrated for snow bike application, giving a progressive and smooth brake feel. Reduced installation time without bleeding needed.

Chassis & Drive Train

Integrated naturally with the motocycle, the chassis and subframe are built with strong steel components to maintain frame rigidity and prevent damage from potential impact. A lighweight dual chain tensionner that allows for the primary and secondary chains to be adjusted individually.


Specifications for all product size(s)

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Front ski Rear suspension Track
Weight Length Width Weight Length Width Height Width Length
lbs in in lbs in in in in in

Technical specifications

Estimated dry weight| Front ski 20 lb / 9 kg
Overal length x width| Front ski 43 in x 12 in (1100 mm x 305 mm)
Estimated dry weight| Rear suspension 135 lb /61 kg
Overall length x width| Rear suspension 69 in x 15 in (1750 mm x 385 mm)
Main frame Tubular steel frame with Strenx® reinforcements
Side panel All aluminium reinforced with square panel guard
Strut rod Aluminium rod with compliant rubber mount
Chain slider Primary and secondary drive nylon chain guide
Brake type New Hayes V32 – Dual piston caliper, shielded rotor with anti-rattle pad clip
Chain case Sealed Regina 520 (continuous)
Drive chain Sealed Regina 520 (master link)
Drive shaft sprocket 17 tooth w/ splined axle
Upper chain case sprocket 15 tooth w/ splined axle
Lower chain case sprocket 19 tooth w/ splined axle
Track driver 7 tooth x 2,86 double internal drive
Chain tensioner Oil bath bearing dual chain tensioner. Slide and pivot
Rail Aluminium reinforced polymer single beam suspension
Shock and spring Single torsion spring and gaz shock absorber
Travel 12.0 in (30.5 cm)
Track width/length/height 12.5 in x 129 in x 2.5 in
Ski type Camso multiple keel snow bike ski
Ski upright Polymer compliant upright with pivot point integrated at the keel level
Wear bar Inner 60° STUD BOY® shaper bar carbide / Outside sharpened high-strength steel
Front and rear fitment CNC machined aluminium bushing and plates
Cargo storage Integrated storage zone with anchor point
Installation time < 2 hr
Subsequent < 1 hr