new Camso STEEL OTT

Exceptional off-road track performance

Ultimate quick mount attachment that provides high-traction track performance in severe off-road applications.


Installation guidelines

Check your machines pre-fit clearance with Camso Steel OTT’s, in this easy step by step process.

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Are you working in applications that require more traction, or more floatation? In this comparison infographic, learn about the difference between our steel and rubber over-the-tire tracks for skid steer loaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Steel OTT

How do you install a steel OTT track?

It’s a six-step process, and best performed by two people. You can find the step by step process on this installation guideline.

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How long does it take to install my steel OTT?

It depends on different factors: experience, machines, tools, location and number of people. Installation can be completed in under an hour in ideal situations.

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Can I use my Steel OTT all year long?

Camso engineers have designed the OTT for use in all seasons of the year. It has been designed as an attachment to provide improved performance in specific applications. Frequent use of OTT’s will create wear on your tires. If you find that your machine cannot perform ideally without OTT’s, it may be time to consider a track loader as a permanent solution to your application. Consider discussing your options with an equipment dealer.

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What’s the warranty on your Steel OTT?

Camso stands behind the Steel OTT with a non-prorated 24 months warranty against all manufacturer defects.

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When should I use a Steel OTT vs Rubber OTT?

In this case it always depends on your application and surface type. As a general rule the Steel OTT improves skid steer performance on soft surfaces and severe applications. The Rubber OTT performs best if you’re looking for minimal ground disturbance and maximum flotation from your skid steer.

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Can I use my steel OTT with a foam-filled or solid tires?

We do not recommend the use of foam filled or solid tires since it will put extra pressure on your Steel OTT track and will result in the loss of your warranty.

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Can I use my steel OTT with any type of tread?

For optimal performance Camso recommends the use of R4 tread pattern. Other tread patterns will work, but it might cause the system to lose traction

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