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Flex-Track: A unique technology behind Camso track systems design

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The Flex-Track design is a patented and unique technology developed by Camso for ATV and UTV track systems. It’s available on all our larger track system models: Camso ATV T4S, Camso X4S (ATV & UTV) and Camso UTV 4S1. Why Flex-Track design? Improved comfort, better maneuverability and enhanced protection of wheels just to name a few. Let’s have a look at this technology.

Why did Camso develop the Flex-Track design?

Our engineers developed the Flex-Track design specifically for the front axle (where the front wheels would be) of the ATV or side-by-side. It gives a better attack angle to the track systems that do the steering, offers stable handling, and gives a more comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks. Precise, easier steering is especially pleasant for long-distance riding and long working hours.

The attack angle on sides of the track makes it easier to go over obstacles that can be on the sides. Furthermore, the design provides more stability, especially when driving on a path with ruts, while making it much easier to get out of these ruts. When looking at it, the track looks more like a tire, with flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside on both sides.

When using a track system with Flex-Track design, riders can also notice the ease of maneuverability of steering. If we look at the track system closely, we can notice the track pattern has two different types of lugs:

  • Lengthwise lugs are there to provide maximal traction and transfer engine torque to the surface you’re driving on.
  • Perpendicular lugs offer lateral traction, which is useful when riding sidehill and also reduces vibrations on hard surfaces as they make up a continuous tread surface.

Why is the Flex-Track design only used on front track systems?

As mentioned above, the rounded sides make the driving and maneuverability of steering track systems much easier for the driver. The track systems in the back of the vehicle, on the other hand, have a flat design which can be compared to snowmobile track: their role is to provide the most traction and torque to the surface you’re driving on.

Does the Flex-Track design offer any advantages when riding in snow, mud or dirt?

It does! It reduces debris accumulation in the rolling components of the track systems and protects the mid-rollers and idlers wheels. Another benefit is that snow, dirt or mud get churned up by the track system before being expulsed outside. This reduces the blowing effect from the track systems and makes it much more pleasant for the driver who doesn’t feel like they are in a track-induced mini snow, dirt or mud storm.

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