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The Reman Friendly seal: a new way to help customers save

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Remanufactured tracks provide an economical, sustainable choice.

With the goal of providing farmers with cost effective solutions, Camso is introducing the Reman Friendly seal, letting consumers know which track models are the best bets for remanufacturing at the end of their service life.

Certain tracks, such as the 4500 and 6500 series, are excellent candidates for remanufacturing. When the treadbars have become significantly worn, the farmer can return them to their nearest Camso dealer, rather than paying to have them disposed of. Then they have the option of getting a remanufactured track from the available inventory, or they can buy a new track and get a credit for turning in their old carcass core.

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The Reman Friendly seal is an easy way for farmers to make an economical, effective and sustainable choice. The savings can really be important while minimizing unplanned downtime.

Watch for Camso’s Reman Friendly whenever you’re looking for replacement tracks.

For more information on Camso’s Remanufacturing Program, visit camso.co

Old is new again.

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