Mid-roller wheels

Camso Mid-roller wheels

Heat-resistant polyurethane beyond standards

These next generation polyurethane wheels provide high tolerance to heat, greatly exceeding industry standards. Available in rubber or polyurethane. *Attribute below are for polyurethane wheels only

Heat resistance
Wheel life
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Specifications for all product size(s)

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Model Product Family OEM Part Number Coating Type Model Width Compatibility
4W-0003PJDMidroller RE254786 Rubber 16-18 (Narrow)
4W-0106PJDMidroller RE251071 Rubber 25-30 (Wide)
4W-0150PJDMidroller RE266293 Rubber 16-24 (Narrow)
4W-0158PJDMidroller RE272331 Rubber 25-30 (Wide)
4W-0232PMidroller 1R-1365 Rubber All
4W-0240PMidroller 9U3384 Rubber All
4W-5001PJDMidroller RE576549Polyurethane 16-24 (Narrow)
4W-5003PJDMidroller RE576550Polyurethane All
4W-5005PMidroller 86058444Polyurethane All

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