Snowmobile - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the warranty on my new track and what is covered?

All aftermarket tracks have a 2 year from time of purchase against material and workmanship errors.

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Track technology

Single-ply vs. two-ply tracks?

Single-ply tracks have been tested and proven to be comparable with two-ply tracks for strength, durability and longevity. They’ve been original equipment on many high-performance snowmobile models for over 9 years. Single-ply tracks require a specifically designed stud and stud retainer. Consult your dealer and refer to the Camso warranty policy statement to determine warranty coverage on studding tracks.

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How is the stud durability and longevity of embedded sharp tip lug studs?

Based on Camso testing, the studs generally outlast the track. The technology has been used and proven in car tires. Studded tire life is generally over 10,000 miles, and such tires are often used on bare asphalt and cars that weigh over a ton.

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​ How aggressive and effective are the embedded sharp tip lug studs?

Based on Camso testing in regular conditions, the traction and control is comparable to conventional studding quantities for 120’’ and 121’’ tracks with 84 to 96 studs. Embedded studs add less than a pound of weight compared to an un-studded track. Tunnel protectors recommended.

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Trail riding

What trail track does Camso offer that performs better in snow than my RipSaw track?

The RipSaw track is great for groomed hard-pack trail riding, but for loose snow or off-trail riding, the Cobra track design offers the best performance. For all-around performance, consider the new RipSaw II design.

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Which track lug heights are available in 13, 5’’ width for trail riding?

Popular size and design is available. The RipSaw, with a 1.25’’ lug height.

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What track options are available for snowmobiles with 141’’ track length and 3’’ drive pitch?

The BackCountry X design, model 9254C, is available and features a lug height of 1.75’’. The Challenger Extreme, model 9329M is also available with a lug height of 2.5’’.

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As a consumer, can I purchase tracks directly from Camso?

Camso doesn’t sell directly to end-users. Please contact your local powersports dealer for access to our full line of high-performance snowmobile tracks.

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