Snowbike - Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the best of our product experts knowledge to make sure we answer all of your questions.

Product performance

How does the dirt-to-snow bike conversion system perform on asphalt and ice?

Just like a snowmobile, when the carbide is solid, you can manoeuver at low speed on asphalt and icy parking lot.

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How does our Camso DTS 129 shock perform?

The Camso DTS 129 suspension was created in a different mindset. The single rail, which is made by blow molding, provides an embedded suspension to counteract the slight rail and track deformations that can be caused by riding surface conditions. The rail is designed to be more flexible than a typical rigid suspension. Our simple suspension design has an efficient and balanced geometry meant to ensure that the spring and shock absorber aren’t over used. This provides the best traction transfer for backcountry riding. Also, our shock can be revalved for a smoother ride (race, trail, mogul riding).

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Track length

Is there a track length option?

There is no track length option. We are providing a complete solution with all the advantages of a short and a long track kit. Camso all-around snow bike performance has proven itself in all winter conditions, from deep snow to trail riding.

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Ski design

Can I purchase the front ski for my current snow bike?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee the same benefits that come with our single rail suspension. Our ski and track system were developed together.

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Installation and maintenance

How long does it take to install a conversion system on a dirt bike?

It takes 2 hours for a complete installation. You can refer to our installation guidelines for more instructions.

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Do I have to make modifications to my dirt bike to install a Camso dirt-to-snow bike conversion system?

There is no modification needed on the motorcycle. The front ski and the rear suspension are bolted on.

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What is the recommended maintenance for our dirt-to-snow bike?

There is always initial maintenance to do for the first use. This consists of lubricating and reajusting some components after braking. Regular inspections are recommended to check for wear and the overall conditions of components. Please refer to our maintenance chart for more recommendations based on usage.

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What is the warranty on my new dirt-to-snow bike conversion system and what is covered?

The dirt-to-snow bike conversion system has a 2-year warranty from time of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.

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