WEX 552

Camso WEX 552 Formerly Solideal WEX Bias

Performance and quality you can count on

Delivers reliable performance for wheel excavators. Enhances stability with added side impact resistance and excellent traction.

Tire life
Puncture resistance

Specifications for all product size(s)

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Tire size PR Rim Size Rim Diameter Actual Tire Dimensions Load Index Speed Symbol Maximum Tire Load
Recommended Alternative Overall Diameter Overall Width Original Tread Depth All Surfaces Improved Surfaces
Static Creep 0 to 5 mph 0 to 8 km/h 6 mph 16 mph 28 mph
in in 32 NDS IN
148A2129 PSI129 PSI114 PSI114 PSI107 PSI107 PSI
9.00-20147.006.50; 7.5020.0040.210.525153A215450129509200795065505850
153A2121 PSI121 PSI107 PSI107 PSI100 PSI100 PSI
10.00-20147.507.00; 8.0020.0041.911.126155A216450138009800850070006250
155A2107 PSI107 PSI100 PSI100 PSI87 PSI87 PSI
10.00-20167.507.00; 8.0020.0041.911.126158A2181501520010800935077506900
158A2121 PSI121 PSI114 PSI114 PSI107 PSI107 PSI