TLH 732

Camso TLH 732 Bias

The ultimate off-road telehandler solution

Its wraparound hauler steps and impact guard sidewall design make it the best in off-road traction, durability and puncture resistance.

Tire life
Puncture resistance

Specifications for all product size(s)

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Tire size PR Rim Size Rim Diameter Actual Tire Dimensions Service Load Index Speed Symbol TRA Code Maximum Tire Load
Recommended Alternative Overall Diameter Overall Width Original Tread Depth Inflation Pressure Static Creep 3 mph 6 mph 9 mph 12 mph 15 mph 18 mph 21 mph 25 mph 30 mph 34 mph 37 mph 40 mph
in in 32 NDS IN psi lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs
14.00-24128.00TG10.00VA (SDC); 10.00WA (SDC)24.005314.331GRADER147A8G-2406780617555654960
14.00-241210.00VA (SDC)8.00TG; 9.00/1.5 (DC); 10.00WA (SDC)24.0053.715.531EARTHMOVER150BE-2408265810079907825766076057385716567806120
LOADER - DOZER172A2L-26222265180801587513890121251168511135106901025097008765
14.00-24168.00TG10.00VA (SDC); 9.00/1.5 (DC)24.0053.315.731GRADER153A8G-2548045733066155895
LOADER - DOZER177A2L-2802579520945183001609514000135601289512345119051124510140