MPT 753

Camso MPT 753 Bias

The next generation in versatility and durability

Engineered to provide enhanced traction in a variety of surface applications without sacrifiding ride quality. Excellent overall durability and puncture resistance ensure maximum service life.

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Tire size PR Rim Size Rim Diameter Actual Tire Dimensions Service Application Load Index Speed Symbol TRA Code Maximum Tire Load
Recommended Alternative Overall Diameter Overall Width Original Tread Depth Inflation Pressure Static 3 mph 6 mph 9 mph 12 mph 15 mph 18 mph 21 mph 25 mph 30 mph
in in 32 NDS IN psi lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs
340/80-18-1112; 11 SDC; 12 SDC; W10; W1118.0039.613.826IND. TRACTORCYCLIC143A8R-458138251003090158045738566706425618560105465
IND. TRACTORCONSTANT143A8R-45813825871075056790655063706250613060105465
340/80-20-1112; 11 SDC; 12 SDC; W10; W1120.00421431IND. TRACTORCYCLIC144A8R-458142001030592608265759568556605636061755620
IND. TRACTORCONSTANT144A8R-45814200895077156980672565506415629561755620
400/70-20-1312 SDC; 13 SDC; 1420.0043.315.934IND. TRACTORCYCLIC155A8R-473196551426512820114551050594809140879585457770
IND. TRACTORCONSTANT155A8R-4731965512390106809655931590608885872085457770
400/80-24-DW13W12; W13; W14L; DW12; DW14L; TW14L24.004916.242IND. TRACTORCYCLIC162A8R-4732408517495157101403012885116301121010790104709535
IND. TRACTORCONSTANT162A8R-4732408515190130951184011420111001089010680104709535
460/70-24-DW15LDW14L; DW16L; TW14L; TW15L; TW16L24.0049.317.943IND. TRACTORCYCLIC159A8R-45822190161051447512930118601070510320993096458775
IND. TRACTORCONSTANT159A8R-45822190139901206010900105151023010030984596458775