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Our new corporate name: why Camso?

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Camoplast and Solideal are two well known product brands in their respective markets. So why Camso?

Simply put, because Camso combines the best of Camoplast and Solideal, not to mention all of the other entities we have acquired in the last few years.

Since its debuts in 1982, Camoplast showed the industrious nature of its teams of engineers and experts. The company first started by investing efforts to develop enhanced tracks for snowmobiles. Fifteen years ago, the leaders decided to leverage this knowledge and started developing proprietary products. The product line started to grow to include:

  • All terrain and utility terrain vehicles (ATV and UTV) tracks; and
  • Compact equipment tracks; and
  • Agricultural equipment tracks.

While becoming masters in the development of belts for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and for their aftermarket clients, the team began to develop track systems for ATV, UTV and agricultural equipment.

In 1984, Solideal started to produce solid tires in Sri Lanka. The Solideal leadership team were forward-thinkers and real achievers: at a time when forklift tires where primarily pneumatic and produced in the western countries. They had two strong beliefs:

  • Producing tires close the source of the raw material made more sense; and
  • Solid tires are a better solution for the usage a forklift faces every day.

These motivations also served the Solideal team when they started to produce pneumatic tires (in 1990) in Sri Lanka, then wheels (in 1995), to better serve the needs of the material handling and construction aftermarkets.

In 2010, both companies joined to create one team: Camoplast Solideal. Combining expertise, vision and beliefs moulded us into the leader we are today.

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