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Camso makes skid steers all season ready with Over-the-tire rubber tracks

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Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, engineers Over-the-tire rubber tracks (OTT HXD) to give conventional skid steers the extra mobility to do more jobs in more places.

With an ever-growing range of attachments, skid steer owners always have the right tool for the job. But many owners overlook one of the most useful of skid steer attachments: one that gives tough traction to the ground and superior floatation when needed it most.

“The Camso OTT HXD tracks improve a loader’s flotation by five times over the same machine running on its usual pneumatic tires. When the job calls for traction and mobility in mud, on soft soil, or in deep snow, the skid steer’s flotation will determine whether you’re up to the job, or stuck,” says Mike Dembe, Market Development Manager, North America – Construction at Camso.

Camso has recently released a number of videos to show how effective OTT tracks are in deep snow or muddy conditions. Like any good skid steer attachment, Camso has also designed them for easy-on, easy-off installation in as little as 20 minutes

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Sure, safe footing [Subpage 1]: An embedded iron core and an engineered wing profile keep the tracks securely attached to the tires and avoid de-tracking on tough terrain. An internal traction rib maximizes the fit between the track and the tire tread, so it runs efficiently without slippage and without undue wear on the tire tread or sidewall. By taking on the load when the ground surface is treacherous, OTT tracks can actually extend the life of your standard tires.

“By giving the machine a light footprint with a resilient touch, the OTT tracks won’t damage or scratch surfaces like steel tracks as they can travel and work on asphalt driveways, paved decks, residential lawns and sports turf. The skid steer can move in, do the job and roll away without leaving a trace,” concludes Dembe.

From job to job, season to season, mobility conditions are always changing. But with Camso OTT tracks, a skid steer becomes more versatile in whatever application its running.

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