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What to consider when choosing skid steer tires

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Are wheels making your head spin when it comes to selecting the right tire for your skid steer loader?

Well, you're not the only one. With a versatility and popularity that's unmatched in the marketplace, skid steer loaders are the jack of all trades for compact equipment machines. This versatility however can presents a suite of challenges from a tire perspective.

Tires are the most expensive consumable item on a skid steer loader, so it pays to acquire some knowledge before tire shopping. Choosing the right tire for the right application will minimize your costs, headaches and maximize your machine's performance. But, dont assume this is a one time decision, it's an ongoing process.

To ease the selection process, you shoud ask yourself a 3 questions before buying or replacing tires.

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1. Which application are you running?

Choosing the right tire for the right application allows future cost savings. Depending on your application you're running, tires specifications and expectations will be quite specific. It's always important for a purchaser to understand surface conditions, kinds of loads, what they are carrying and how is the equipment going to be used and who's going to be driving it.

2. Which performance factors should you consider?

To achieve the lowest operating cost solution and optimum tire choice, there's a host of considerations to look for. Camso tires are made to work in the toughest of off-the-road applications designed to address different operational needs. This to say, improving performance in one area usually means a trade-off in another.

Top 10 Tire Perfomance Factors

  • Surface conditions
  • Inflation pressures
  • Duty cycle
  • Speed
  • Ambient temperature
  • Road maintenance; Debris
  • Machine maintenance; Service cycles
  • Attachments & bucket size
  • Load density
  • Tire make & model

3. Can your tire dealer help you in the process?

In addition to understanding the equipment and the application, the most important decision for a skid steer user is to choose the right tire dealer. Work with someone locally who knows construction tires, and who also knows your operation. Develop a good working relationship with them and engage in a conversation about what it is you'll be doing with the equipment. Talk openly about past experiences with brands and any pain points you might be feeling. Are you someone who's intolerant of flat tires? Are you having traction issues? Do you want to have the longest lasting tires on the market or do you just want cheap, round and black? If the dealer has a robust understanding of the various conditions and variables that are at play, he'll then be in a good position to zero in on an optimal recommendation for your needs.

Believing productivity and profitability are all about choosing the right tire for the right application, Camso is introducing this fall two new skid steer tire solutions : the Camso SKS 753, next generation of Solideal Hauler SKZ, and the Camso SKS 532, next generation of Solideal Xtra Wall. For more on what our skid steer tires can do for you, contact your local tire dealer or browse the Camso product selector to find the right tire according to your vehicle and surface type at camso.co.

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