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Learn more about Material Handling tires: reading tire sizes series

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In this short educational Tire Sizing series, our forklift tire expert help you read forklift tire sizes. Watch the whole series to complete training for press-on, resilient and industrial pneumatic tires!

How to read press-on marking

Tire markings are an indication of a tire's real dimensions: in reality, size may differ. Did you notice there were two different ways of displaying size marking on forklift tires: imperial (inches) and metric (mm)? Here are some tips on how to read the size of press-on (cushion) forklift tires.

How to read resilient and industrial pneumatic markings

Do you know how to read the size of your industrial pneumatic tire? Confusing, right? Indeed, the nomenclature of resilient and pneumatic tire sizes has evolved over time, and today we find three different types of size markings. Here are some tips on how to read the size on resilient and industrial pneumatic forklift tires from one of our Material Handling experts.

Thanks for watching the series, we hope you enjoyed! For more information about our material handling solutions, visit camso.co. If you’d like more training on material handling tires, watch our Tire wear series.

In this serie series you will discover:

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