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How to adjust your snowmobile’s track tension

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A track is to your snowmobile what tires are to your car: in addition to transferring engine power to the surface you’re on, they carry the load of the vehicle and its passengers. As with having the right tire pressure, keeping a proper track tension on your snowmobile will enhance machine performance and maneuverability, help avoid de-tracking (the track falling off the frame), and prevent premature wear.

While track tensioning might seem arduous or complicated to someone new to snowmobiling, it actually is not. It’s something you can do quickly, and what’s more, it only requires a few tools from your garage. Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools handy:

Tools required to check snowmobile track tension

· Floor jack

· Track tension tool (gauge)

· Wrenches

· Tape measure

Visually inspect your snowmobile’s track

The first thing to do when checking tension is a visual inspection of your sled and track, ideally in a dry space and on a leveled surface. Walk around the machine and look for anything abnormal, such as debris or clips that might have fallen off. Lift the back of the sled off the ground and look at how much sagging there is.

Note: if you notice your snowmobile is making a ratcheting or any unusual sound when you are riding, chances are something is off with your track. It’s time to inspect it!

Measure track tension in 5 steps

We recommend always referring to your manufacturer’s guide when measuring track tension, as indications of pressure and distance may vary according to your track or sled.

1. Using the floor jack, lift your snowmobile off the ground.

2. Starting from the rear axle, measure 16 inches towards the front of the sled.

3. At the 16-inch mark, use the gauge and apply a pressure of about 10 psi on the track.

4. Using the tape measure, measure the distance between the track and the slider: they should be 3/8 to 1/2 inch apart.

5. Make sure to do the same on both sides of the track for proper tension.

And... that’s it! Nothing complicated or hard, as promised. Whenever you have questions regarding track maintenance, we recommend turning to your local dealer for tips and expert advice. They can also be quite helpful with an annual inspection or maintenance services at the beginning or end of each season. If you’d like to directly access our dedicated technical team at Camso, we’d be happy to help: simply find out how to reach us here.

Are you dreaming about getting more power but aren’t ready to change your sled just yet? Updating your snowmobile’s track can have a significant impact on performance. You’ll find all the tracks available in our tracks brochure. Need help choosing a track that right for you? Your dealer is once again your best resource. Happy snowmobiling !

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