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CTL and MTL: Selecting the track to deliver on your job

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So it’s time to replace the track on your multi terrain loader (MTL) or your compact track loader (CTL). Where do you start?

What to consider

Typically, if you’re looking for a replacement track, it’s because you need to fill an immediate need. A failure has occurred or is imminent. You need a track to keep you running on the job site. Availability is therefore your first priority. Then, think about price, but don’t sacrifice price for a reliable brand. A good brand will give you the confidence you need to know you’re riding on a product that’s been rigorously tested on a large percentage of OEM equipment. Technical support capabilities will also play a role in selecting the product that best fits your needs.

Different tracks to address different needs and applications

Applications are so diverse that it’s difficult to find a one-track solution for all applications. However, finding the right track that responds to the surface types you’re working on is critical – from lighter applications such as dirt, sand, gravel and asphalt to heavier ones such as concrete, rocks and debris. Use our product finder [MB1] to find the track that best fit your needs.

How much should I spend on my track

Go for the track that gives you your lowest operating cost solution. That’s not to say the cheapest track, but the track that gives you the best return on your investment. This is based on the hours, usage, application and surface type you’re running. If you anticipate high usage frequency, you need a high-performance track. That means paying more upfront for a track to ensure more working hours.

Maintenance replacement

Basic maintenance is required to maximize the life of your track and keep it working effectively. Remember to always install new sprockets with new tracks, ensure proper tension and maintain the undercarriage by keeping it clean and in good working condition.

If you have experience, a track could be switched out with the use of minimal tools in just about an hour. If you have never done it before, we strongly recommend the assistance of an experienced mechanic or technician at your dealership. In addition to switching out your track, they can help maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle and help prolong track life.

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