Construction Notícia 09.02.am

Introducing the Camso TLH 732+: a telehandler tire that combines tough looks and performance

In today’s construction world, downtime and costs have not only become priorities to address, they can also have a significant impact on a company’s reputation. The new Camso TLH 732+ has been developed to offer professionals in the construction industry a bias tire solution for telehandlers that meets their requirements in terms of tire performance, puncture resistance and traction, all while ensuring maximum uptime.

The Camso TLH 732+ is a directional tire that can easily be recognized by its massive tread depth with curved lugs, its extra thick void guard and impact guard sidewall design. “The TLH 732+ has an innovative wraparound stepped tread design and extra thick void guard tailored to meet the specific applications where we find telehandlers. Furthermore, as machines keep evolving with more lifting capacity, a noticeable increase of subcompact and compact equipment – add to this electrification that is gaining in popularity – we keep adapting our offer to meet requirements in terms of performance, safety and costs,” explains Peter Bride, Product Category Manager for Construction tires.

Completing the Camso range of bias tires for telehandlers, the main advantages of the TLH 732+ include:

  • Excellent traction on soft surfaces
  • Long-wearing durability when operating at higher speeds
  • Maximum tread cleanout
  • Tread impact protection to reduce risks of punctures
  • Sidewall and rim flange protection to reduce impact damages and flat tires

“Offering 64%1 more service life than its predecessor, the TLH 732+ has a distinctive look that inspires trust and reflects its overall improved performance in terms of life, puncture resistance and traction,” adds Bride.

The Camso TLH 732+ is currently available in two dimensions (13.00-24 and 14.00-24, with a ply rating of either 12 or 16) throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. For more information on this tire or on our other construction solutions, we invite you to contact your local dealer. To learn more about our complete range of tire solutions for telehandlers, please visit the Construction section of our website.

1: Source: Internal benchmark testing, Camsotech, Ghent, Belgium. Test performed March-June 2020 on 14.00-24.*Values are extrapolated. Tires worn down to 30 – 50 % RTD.