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Camso increasing farm mobility with improved roading performances for the Trailed Track Systems

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Faster roading speeds and longer durations are now available on more TTS models.

Magog, QC, October 22nd, 2020 – Camso is actively working to drive farming forward, offering a new level of roading performance for Trailed Track Systems used on farm implements, such as planters, fertilizer carts, sprayers, and harvest carts.

Designed to meet the challenges that today’s farmers face, 5 new models in the TTS 35, 40, and 45 series were introduced in early 2020 that allow farmers to travel up to 20 mph, that’s 30% faster than previous models [1], for up to two continuous hours. In 2021, Camso’s larger TTS models will also include 30% higher roading speed and extended duration capabilities for the 70, 80, 100, and 110 series.

“Growers are increasingly working ground that’s spread out from the main farm,” said Jeff Staab, Product Line Manager, Tracks Systems – at Camso. “We are seeing 10% and up to 15% of their time during planting and harvest periods are spent on the road, bringing equipment to and from the fields.”

Jeff Staab went on to explain how field and weather conditions can also add to the roading time, as farmers find themselves having to “field hop” from place to place, moving into areas that are ready to be worked, all while trying to maintain a minimum fleet size and keep costs down.

Available starting in January 2021, the seven new TTS large series models will provide improved roading performance while offering simple, reliable and cost-effective performance with the following features the TTS has become known for, including:

• An active track tensioner system with increased recoil movement, improving debris management and ensuring optimal track tension, for longer track and component life.

• Pivoting, double oscillating, bogie wheels for improved stability and flexibility for better weight distribution and reduced point loading.

• Easy maintenance: oil bath hubs require no greasing or repacking of bearings.

• A strong track frame design with heavy duty, stamped steel wheels that can handle the toughest field and road conditions.

• A specially designed track for less berming when turning on headlands and lower rolling resistance for greater ease of pulling in the field and on the road.

“Camso has been working with farmers to develop products that help them improve efficiency and productivity,” said Jeff Staab. “Our Trailed Track Systems reduce ground pressures up to 70% [2] , resulting in less soil compaction, better soil health, and greater potential to maximize those all-important yields,” he concluded.

To learn more about Camso’s 2021 TTS lineup, visit your local Camso dealer, or go to: https://camso.co/en/agriculture/trailed-tracks-systems?productType=992

[1] Compared to Camso’s 80-3013, 100-3613, 110-3614, as per Camso TTS Operation & Maintenance Manual (CPB-515) (“Manual”). Maximum speed is conditional on weight at rear axle as per guidelines published in the Manual.

[2] Average reduction based on comparison of 2020 available published flat plate area for common tire sizes compatible for harvest cart and Camso’s TTS 70-80-100-110 series’ flat plat area. Actual results may vary.

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