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Camso Video Reveals People Behind Revolutionary Forklift Tire

Magog, March 28, 2019 – New Camso short documentary introduces the people behind its latest and innovative non-marking anti-static forklift tires, the Solideal PON 775 NMAS. In the short video, the company showcases how teamwork played a key role in the development of this industry breakthrough.

[Watch the video now : camso.co/PONstory]

“To innovate is to turn an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective,” says Erick Bellefleur, Vice-President and General Manager – Material Handling at Camso. “It’s the ability to go one step further to outperform in products and services, with imagination and perseverance.”

Behind every innovation, there is an untold story. For the Solideal PON 775 NMAS, that story is one of dedicated teamwork across multiple business functions, from engineering to chemists, all the way to factory floor workers, in a time frame of over a decade. The video showcases how close collaboration brought to market a solution that prevents static build-up in non-marking tires, thereby resolving important safety issues.

“The accumulation of static electricity on forklifts is common in non-marking tires because of the silica used as reinforcing filler, which has isolating properties,” explains Bellefleur. “As the leader in the industry, we had to find a solution for this issue.” Indeed, during a full shift of high-speed travel and heavy loads, lifts can store static charges up to 50,000 V – a major safety hazard for warehouse staff. Static electricity generated with non-marking tires is stored rather than dissipated, making shocks, sparks, power outages and facility damages ever-present hazards.

While discussing with a customer who was experiencing major challenges linked to static build-up, the Camso team became determined to come up with a real solution to this problem, and began investigating the notion of a non-marking anti-static (NMAS) tire.

Turning a non-marking tire into an anti-static tire was no simple challenge. Adding some kind of pathway for electrical conductivity in a non-marking tire was just the first step, the team still had to develop a tire that lives up to Camso standards in terms of tire life and heat resistance.

“The prototype process to build the non-marking anti-static tire is where all the teamwork came to life,” adds Bellefleur. “To the team who worked on this project, I just want to say how proud I am.”

While the patented special anti-static device developed is what resolves the important safety issue of static electricity in non-marking tires, the team featured in the documentary is really what made it all possible.

Watch the story behind this major industry breakthrough at camso.co/PONstory and on Camso’s YouTube channel.

About Camso

Camso, the Road Free company, is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks and undercarriage systems to serve the material handling, construction, agricultural and powersports industries. It employs more than 7,500 dedicated employees who devote 100% of their effort to 11% of the global tire and track market—the off-the-road market. It operates advanced R&D centres and manufacturing plants in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Camso supplies its products to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) under the names Camso and Solideal, and distributes its products in the replacement market through its global distribution network.