ATV / UTV Ferramentas e tecnologia 21.12.pm

Flex-tracks technology: a must have on ATV / UTV track systems

Our exclusive patented front flex-track technology in the ATV / UTV T4S track system offers unmatched stability, comfort and control with a genuine wheel-like feel.

Move your ride forward with rubber tracks that grip tight and go anywhere. With over 50 years of track construction experience, proprietary rubber compounds have been developed. Our stud-ready, rodless track construction (with no stiffener rod inside) is adapted for real all-season usage.

The flex-track advantage

Front-mounted ATV, UTV and SxS tracks feature Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, exclusive flex-track design. With flexible sides and a slight curve toward the inside, they provide a more comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks and reduced splatter from mud or snow. The flex-track advantage includes:

  • Stable, more precise steering for pleasant long-distance riding and long work hours
  • Superior shock absorption and reduced vibration for more comfort and less fatigue
  • Significant splatter reduction compared to a flat track
  • Optimum power steering efficiency and longevity
Featured Image Flex Track Lowrez