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Track system: the differences on ATVs and UTVs

A track conversion kit must be tailored to each make and model: see why.

The obvious differences between an ATV and a UTV include frames, engines, transmissions and drive systems. Because of these differences, a track conversion kit must be tailored to each make and model to optimize performance and user satisfaction.

The Camoplast T4S is available to fit almost all popular brands of ATV and UTV models with a 300cc engine or higher built as early as 1985. Each kit is performance matched to the specific model to provide the best possible overall riding experience. The gearing of each specific kit is carefully engineered to match the power train of the vehicle for the most efficient power transfer possible. The benefit? Maximum speed and carrying/pulling capacity for your vehicle.

Another key consideration is that the track kit should be engineered to protect the vehicle. The anti-rotation brackets in each Camoplast* track system ensure the integrity of the vehicle by preventing the tracks from damaging the body panels.

If you haven’t tried a track conversion system on an ATV, it’s time to head down to your dealer and ask for a demo ride on an ATV or UTV equipped with a Camoplast T4S track system.