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Extend your ride, even during summer

In most respects, riding an ATV equipped with tracks is very similar to riding one that’s still on wheels.

The operator should observe the same precautions such as wearing a helmet and eye protection. The vehicle operates the same way with the same controls. But the track kit allows riding in thick oozing mud, sucking muskeg, soft sand and on other surfaces where wheels would just simply dig in and bury the ATV.

Good operating technique will make you a better rider in these difficult environments. To stay on top of these soft surfaces, drive slowly and deliberately and don’t spin the tracks. To turn the ATV, give it a bit of gas to gain a little forward momentum before turning the handlebars. This will make it much easier to change direction with the vehicle. Make your turns as easy and gentle as possible, and remember that the turning radius of the vehicle is now much greater than it is with wheels so you need to think ahead a little more. However, you can still back up if you can’t turn around completely.

Be particularly careful about rocks. Camoplast track systems will allow you to traverse rocky ground, often more easily that with wheels, but do it carefully to avoid damage to the track system and the rest of the vehicle.

Ask your dealer about a ride on an ATV equipped with Camoplast track system. He should have a demonstration machine ready for your evaluation.