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Transform your vehicle with a rubber belted track system

See how you can increase your ride's traction, flotation and versatility.

What are the advantages of outfitting your vehicle with a rubber belted track system?

Rubber belted track systems distribute the vehicle's weight over a greater surface area, allowing it to travel over otherwise inaccessible terrain. Compared to wheels, rubber belted track systems reduce the pressure a vehicle exerts on the ground by around 75%, depending on the vehicle and its load.

Rubber belted track systems designed for ATVs and Side By Sides provide an optimal level of traction, contributing as well to maximizing vehicle capacity for towing and transporting heavy loads.

Furthermore, four-season track systems, like those offered by Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, are versatile and provide for greater stability and manoeuvrability on all types of terrains and weather conditions: mud, sand, snow, etc. On top of that, the vehicle's centre of gravity is lower, improving user safety and greatly reducing the risk of rollover.

Other examples:

  • An ATV equipped with a rubber belted track system will easily pull an oversized and off-centre load of firewood. The vehicle will remain in contact with the ground and will be less prone to getting stuck thanks to its superior traction. This also results in less wear on the engine.
  • In a Side By Side, ice fishermen and hunters can explore new territories without having to worry about getting stuck in soft snow or mud.

What should owners consider before buying a rubber belted track system?

For most owners, a rubber belted track system is a long-term investment, because they will replace their vehicle two to three times before having to do the same for their system. Some models, notably those from Camso, can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another. It is therefore recommended to learn more at the time of purchase about whether the system is transferrable to other makes and models of ATVs and Side By Sides.

To ensure the vehicle's motor maintains its maximum power and engages the rubber belted track system at all time, the track system must be calibrated for the vehicle on which it will be installed. More precisely, owners must check that the gearing of the system itself is the right size.

To ensure stable handling of the vehicle on hard surfaces, an easy and precise drive and better impact absorption, it is recommended to use a flexible rubber belted track system in front.

Finally, to maximize the investment and the life-span of a rubber belted track system, it is also important to take into consideration the availability of replacement parts.

What type of user is a rubber belted track system designed for?

From users looking for adventures off of the beaten path, to farmers who use their vehicles every day, or the owner of a hunting and fishing cabin, everyone will appreciate the increased performance, versatility and usability of their vehicle that comes with using a rubber belted track system, in all weather conditions.

Rubber belted track systems transform vehicles into a force of nature capable of mastering any task. Track systems aren't afraid of whatever nature has to throw at them – mud, snow, sand, swamps or bogs – and remain as reliable going out as they are coming back. They don't back down for anything.

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