Epic 280

Camso Epic 280

Adventure extreme powder

The Camso Epic 280 sets a new standard in deep snow mountain riding with its unique deep cup-shaped lug design. Its balanced 6-pitch lug sequence provides more track speed in deep powder and excellent floatation on the most challenging conditions. Turn your mountain adventure into an Epic ride.

Deep snow
Packed snow

Track design


Balanced track profile with a six-pitch lug sequence

  • Optimize track speed
  • Reduce vibration
  • Improve handling in deep snow

Stiffer columns design

  • Improve packed snow grip, riding agility and braking

Deeper cupped lugs

  • Drive snow into their centres
  • Provide traction, floatation and all-out deep snow performance

Specifications for all product size(s)

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Model Length Width Lug Pitch Clip Config.
in in in in
9407M162152.83Every 2nd / open windows
9408M156152.83Every 2nd / open windows
9409M153152.83Every 2nd / open windows

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