Challenger 250LX

Camso Challenger 250LX

Challenge the summits

Based on the classic Challenger model with an adapted 16" width and a 3.5" pitch. Get a great combination of agility and traction for deep snow riding that seems effortless thanks to a redesigned 2.5" lug that lightens the track.

Deep snow
Packed snow

Track design


16" wide track

Our first replacement track for wider snowmobiles


3.5" pitch

Provides the traction necessary for deep snow riding


Purpose driven lug design to reduce weight

No compromise on agility with adapted lug design for effortless riding

Specifications for all product size(s)

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Model Length Width Lug Weight Pitch Clip Config.
in in in lbs in
9430M154162.549.73.5Every 2nd / open windows
9431M165162.552.53.5Every 2nd / open windows
9432M15416349.23.5Every 2nd / open windows
9433M16516354.23.5Every 2nd / open windows

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