Snowmobile Product insight 09.10.15

Engineered for peak performance: discover our 2015-2016 snowmobile tracks catalogue

Camoplast snowmobile tracks are becoming Camso tracks. Precision-engineered to deliver exactly the kind of performance you’re looking for in your ride.

Every track our engineers create is designed for optimized weight, traction, strength, flotation, and even aerodynamics — not to mention affordability, longevity, and sheer fun! Over 90% of all new sleds built are equipped with Camoplast tracks. Snowmobile manufacturers do a great job selecting tracks for their machines, and stock tracks are fine for general riding.

But what if you’re looking to put a newer track on an older machine to improve performance, or tweak the track on your new model to better suit your riding style? At Camoplast becoming Camso, we’re constantly developing new designs to help you revive your ride and make the most out of winter!

Download our 2015-2016 catalogue