6500 Scraper - Friction drive

Camso 6500 Scraper - Friction drive Formerly Camoplast 6500 Scraper - Friction drive

Maximized life for scraper applications

Engineered to withstand the toughest commercial or agricultural scraper applications. With increased puncture and wear resistance, this is the ultimate choice in durability and service life.

Tread Life Durability
Carcass Durability
Side Load Resistance
Ag 6500 Scraper Fd Highgrade Rubber Compounds

High-grade rubber compounds

Maximizes performance and durability

  • Specifically engineered compounds for treads, carcass and guide lugs
Ag 6500 Scraper Fd Industry Leading Main Cables

Industry-leading main cables

Designed to resist high tractive effort

  • The largest cable on the market, 24% more resistant than 2500/4500
Ag 6500 Scraper Fd Maximized Guide Lug Geometry

Maximized guide lug geometry

Provides optimal guiding surface

  • Guide lug geometry designed to OEM specification
  • Increased side load resistance compared to 4500
  • Optimized for side hill application

Ag 6500 Scraper Fd Longest Lasting Carcass

Longest lasting carcass

No material displacement during the manufacturing and curing process means:

  • Track compound types located exactly where you need it
  • Uniform tension distribution, eliminating downtime due to carcass tear
Ag 6500 scraper Fd Versatile Tread Bar

Versatile tread bar

Provides optimal traction and ride quality

  • Balance between traction, cleanout and flotation
Ag 6500 Scraper Fd Optimized Track Carcass

Optimized track carcass

Protects from punctures and debris ingestion

  • TrackshieldTM carcass technology allows for an increase of 20% in puncture resistance vs. 4500
  • Eliminates downtime due to carcass tear

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Model Track Width Track Length Tread Guide Lugs Drive Lugs Carcass
Quantity Height Tip Width Pitch Quantity Length Quantity Plies Main Cable Size Thickness
in in in in in in mm mm

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