• Advantage #1

    Performance boost

    Lower compaction protects your land and better traction means significantly greater productivity in field work while maintaining original tractor roading speed and front wheel drive capability in the field.

  • Advantage #2

    Durability and Reliability

    An exceptionally robust frame and components, along with low maintenance features, ensure maximum uptime.

  • Advantage #3


    Long days working the fields can be demanding. To make sure you stay as comfortable as possible, our new CTS has a suspension system that is second to none.

  • Advantage #4


    Simple, quick mounting and dismounting with our bolt-on system means your tractor retains the versatility you need to accomplish all the jobs on your farm throughout the year.

  • Advantage #5

    Financial sense

    Less outlay, more return on investment. A seven percent increase in yield is realistically attainable so ROI is potentially excellent.

  • Easy fit, easy ride, easy win

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