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Camoplast T4S

The Camoplast T4S system is not just only the standard of the industry, it is also best performer in deep snow. Years ofresearch and development have refined Camoplast to the point that it delivers optimum performance all year long regardless of weather or ground conditions.



For your ATV
the most advanced
four-season system

The Camoplast T4S system is not only the industry standard, it’s also the best performing track system in all conditions. Enjoy optimum performance all year long regardless of weather.

Two-year limited warranty
Lightest weight in its category
For machines 300 cc and greater
Interchangeable with over 99 %* of vehicle models



The Flextrack™ Advantage

Our exclusive patented front-track technology offers unmatched user benefits:

Easy and stable steering for pleasant long-distance riding and long work hours
Optimum power steering efficiency and longevity
Better shock absorption and reduced vibration for greater comfort and less fatigue
Driving experience with a genuine wheel-like feel
Significant splatter reduction compared to a flat track
Allows for easier and more precise steering



Superior idler & mid-roller
wheel design

Camoplast idler and roller wheels are built to last, with improved wheel geometry for better weight distribution, reduced vibration, and improved track durability. Their exclusive features engineered for true four-season use.

Sealed wheels and bearings for long life in rough conditions
Elastomeric outer band
20 mm wheel width
100 % ice free